The Filler Detective

The Filler Detective


The Filler Detective ™ (Patent Pending) will find hidden body damage and body filler on a car, truck or motorcycle. It will tell you where it is, AND how deep it is. THIS METER DOESN’T MISS.

This is a one-button tool that lights up and sounds off when it detects exactly where the body filler is that was used to repair any damage. Put it on the car, press the button - it lights up and sounds off, showing you the location and depth of any body filler.

Works Every Time On Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles and Sheet Metal Parts.


Sound Alert for location and depth of hidden previous damage
Visual LED Alert - For Depth, Bright, daylight visible LEDs
9 Volt Duracell Battery (included) operated, no charger to lose
Fits in standard shirt pocket
Stainless Steel belt clip
New technology (patent pending)
Low Battery indicator

Protective Micro-Fiber contact pad to prevent paint scratches

Portable verification plate for accuracy confirmation
Bright green rubberized paint for visibility and durability
Made of ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) High grade Automotive parts plastic, die formed

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